Kroppen Min / My Body

For norsk versjon, gå hit.

Tales of a womans body.


This film is about what other women have said and meant about
her body, how that has shaped the director’s self esteem and relationship
her own body. Strangely enough, the film is a tribute to men.


A naked self-portrait by Margreth Olin.


Festivals, awards & nominations:

•The Golden Screen for best TV-documentary, 2004
• Best short film at One World Human Rights Festival, Prague, Czech Republic 2004
• Main award at DokumentART, Neubrandenburg, Germany 2003
• Special mention at Karlovy Vary International Filmfestival, Czech Republic 2003
• The award of the Museum of New Art at The 17th Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Festival, Estonia 2003
• Special mention at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), 2002
• Amanda-award for best documentary, 2002
• Audience award at Lilla Filmfestivalen in Båstad, Sweden, 2002
• The Golden Chair for best short at the Shortfilmfestival in Grimstad, 2002
• Audience award at the Shortfilmfestival in Grimstad, 2002

The Mayor of Prague Award for the best short documentary:
My Body, directed by Margreth Olin, Norway

The Short Forms Competition films exhibited a broad array of styles, lengths and formats that collectively made a strong statement for how issues of human rights can be expressed in every style of filmmaking. The Mayor of Prague Award Jury worked together in a very positive and fluid manner, reaching consensus on three finalists which we then discussed at greater length. The jury has decided to give the Mayor of Prague Award to a film with gifted cinematography, expert editing and perfect storyline development. The film presents an important message of the damage that western society has done to the individual’s self image, physical as well as mental. The filmmaker’s command of a wide variety of film and video formats, and their expert layering combined with a pointed sense of humor and a daring self-exposure, qualify her for the award. The jury is happy to give the award for Best Short in the 2004 edition of One World Festival to the Norwegian filmmaker Margreth Olin for her film “My Body”.

• Norwegian Short Film Festival Grimstad, Norway 2002
• Lilla Filmfestivalen in Båstad, Sweden 2002
• The Norwegian International Film Festival, Haugesund, Norway 2002
• Nordisk Panorama, Oulu, Finland 2002
• Tempo Documentary Film Festival, Stockholm, Sweden 2002
• Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden 2002
• International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2002
• Docupoint, Helsinki, Finland 2002
• Cinema delle Donne, Torino, Italia 2003
• Festival International Films des Femmes, Creteil, France 2003
• It’s All True Documentary Film Festival, Sao Paulo, Brasil 2003
• Infinity Film Festival, Alba, Italy 2003
• Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival, Toronto, Canada 2003
• International Documentary Film Festival, München, Germany 2003
• Tribeca Film Festival, New York, USA 2003
• Krakow International Short Film Festival, Poland 2003
• Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic 2003
• Pärnu International Documentary Film Festival, Estonia 2003
• New Zealand International Film Festival 2003
• Drama International Short Film Festival, Greece 2003
• Festival of European Films, Turkey 2003
• DokumentART, Neubrandenburg, Germany 2003
• Cork International Film Festival, Ireland 2003
• Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival, UK 2003
• Kalamata Documentary Festival, Greece 2003
• Århus Film Festival, Denmark 2003
• Norwegian Film Festival, Delft, THe Netherlands 2003
• Rencontre Internationale 2003, Montreal, Canada 2003
• Rio de Janeiro Int. Short Film Festival, Brazil 2003
• Bratislava Int. Film Festival, Slovakia 2003
• Scandinavian Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA 2003
• Sheffield Documentary Festival on Tour, UK 2004
• Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, Serbia
• One World Human Rights Festival, Prague, Czech Republic 2004
• Singapore Int. Film Festival 2004

MY BODY is written & directed by:
margreth olin
produced by
thomas robsahm
director of photography
kim hiorthøy
helge billing
sound recordist
hilde heyerdahl
kari nytrø
margreth olin
helge billing
production assistant
cathrine heltzen
kim hiorthøy
morten abel
midnight choir
anneli drecker
financed with support from
norsk filmfond
film & kino
fond for lyd og bilde
Norway: Arthaus (Premiere 30. August 2002)
Sweden: Folkets Bio (Premiere 14. February 2003)
world sales
att: Toril Simonsen


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