AWARDS Margreth Olin – a selection

Arne Skouens Honorary Award 2013

Vesleblakkenprisen 2013

Norske Sanitetskvinners Fredrikke Award 2013

Zola-prisen, for the advancement of civil courage, 2013

Edith Calmar Award 2012

The Amnesty-Award 2010

The Liv Ullmann Honorary Award 2010

Ys`Likestillingspris 2009

Årets Nordmann, 2008, kåret av ukemagasinet NY TID/ The Norwegian of the Year 2008, voted by the weekly magazine NY TID

Livsvernprisen 2008, given by the organisation Menneskeverd.

Hans Christian Osterøe´s Memorial Prize 2007

Brosteinsprisen 2006, given by The Church City Mission.

Jonasprisen 2005. Given by the University of Oslo, Institute for special needs.

Given to Margreth Olin because she has given important contribution in the Norwegian society to develop tolerance and ability to appreciate differences.

The Aamot Award 2003, given by Film&Kino (the Norwegian Film and Cinema Foundation) for an outstanding achivement in Norwegian Film.

Ole Vig Award 2003. Given by the national teacher-organication Utdanningsforbundet. For all her films, her insight and inspiring thoughts.

Feminist of the Year Award 2003, given by RadiOrakel, Oslo. For the film My Body and her participation in the media-debate that followed the film.

Speaker of the Year 1999, given by Institute for International Research for her lectures given when she traveled with her film In the House of Angels, speaking about the care for elderly people.

Festival Artist. Dei Nynorske Festspela 2003.

Published work:

Egentlig (2005), publisher: Andersen & Butenschøn. A collection of essays by eight different authors.

Ingen vet hvem jeg er (2007), publisher: Oktober forlag. A collection of non fiction texts previously published in her Saturday column in Dagbladet, 2005, 2006.

Engelen (2009), publisher: Oktober Forlag. From documentary to fiction. A book about the process behind the film The Angel. Also containing the script.

Other work:

Nestekjæ (2007), initiated a campaing for a more humane asylum process.

Einarsson utvalget (2006), appointed by the minister of culture and church affairs, Trond Giske. The aim of the committee was to propose changes in the excisting film politics.

Tenketårnet (2007), appointed by the minister of Justice and the Police Knut Storberget. The committee worked on a proposition to the Storting regarding the welfare of inmates in prison.

Kvinnepanelet (2010), appointed by the minister of children and familiy, Audun Lysbakken. The committee work on a proposition to the government regarding gender equality issues.

Festivals and nominations:


Premiered at Berlin International Filmfestival 2014


Nominated “Gullegget” by Extrastiftelsen 2014

Amanda Best Documentary 2013

Best documentary Den Norske Filmfestivalen i Volda 2013

Best norwegian documentary BIFF 2012

IDFA 2012

Gøteborg Film Festival, nominated for dragon award, best nordic documentary 2013

Tempo film festival Stockholm 2013

Human Right Watch London 2013

Planet Doc Warsawa, Special Mention 2013


Best foreign language film Norwegian Oscar entry 2010

Offical Selection Toronto film festival 2009

Gøteborg Film Festival, Best Nordic Film, The Audience Award

Amanda award, Best Film, The Peoples choice

Best Norwegian Film 2009, Oslo Prize by NATT & DAG

Black Nights, Tallinn, Best Actress, Maria Bonnevie

Amanda Award, Best Actress in Supporting Role, Gunilla Röör

Cosmorama, Trondheim, Best new Invention, Margreth Olin

Cosmorama, Trondheim, Best Actress, Maria Bonnevie


Hederlig omtale Kortfilmfestivalen i Grimstad 2006

Hederlig omtale Nordisk Panorama 2006


Nominated for The European FIlm Awards 2005

Amanda nomination for best film, 2004-2005

Best documentary at The Shortfilmfestival in Grimstad, 2005

Honorary mention at Volda Documentary Festival, 2005

Nominated for the Best Film, Oslo Prize by NATT & DAG.


The Golden Screen for best TV-documentary, 2004

Best short film at One World Human Rights Festival in Prague, Czech Republic 2004

Award at DokumentART, Neubrandenburg, Tyskland 2003

The prize of the Museum of New Art at The 17th Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Festival, Estonia 2003

Special mention at Karlovy Vary International Filmfestival, Czech Republic 2003

Special mention at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2002

Nomination for The Silver Wolf-award at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2002

Amanda for best documentary 2002

Audience-award at Lilla Filmfestivalen in Båstad, Sweden 2002

The Golden Chair at the Shortfilmfestival in Grimstad 2002

Audience-award at the Shortfilmfestival in Grimstad 2002


Amanda-nomination best short film 2001


The Humanist-award at Lilla Filmfestivalen i Båstad, Sweden 2000

Best documentary at the Norwegian Shortfilmfestival, Grimstad, Norway 1999

The Golden Screen for best documentary 1999

Diploma at Nordic Panorama 1999

The audience award at Nordic Panorama 1999

Amanda for best documentary 1999

Norwegian Film of the year – Natt&Dag-Osloaward 1998


Amanda Nomination – best documentary 1998

Norwegian critics-award for best film at the Norwegian shortfilmfestival in Grimstad 1998

Winner of Norsk Kassettavgiftfonds competition for best documentary 1997


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